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...transforming imagination into tangible form
We are a company with base service in built environment design, especially in architecture and interior design. Founded by the initiative of friends who come from different working experience but has a great enthusiasm in the processing space and the built environment. Established in 2013 after each of us working on some design studios, and gain knowledge from the world of post-graduate education.

Our works is variety in scale, function, and style. From a small bedroom to a new township, a gate to a river promenade, from classic to modern architecture. We realize that spatial development have a lot aspects to concern, especially for the spatial users. From that fact we always put the user imagination, the user wants as priority to our guidelines when drawing the lines. Synthesize the wants with our knowledge in spatial design into a tangible form.

In the early years of this journey we have the vision to be a professional spatial design firm that has a characteristic that marks our works  with consideration of needs, budget, revenue targets, and passion in the built spatial development.
To achieve our visions we have a mission to ;   empower Human Resource Development competencies in spatial development fields, take a full responsibility for every lines of drawing and every spatial that been built, and encourage the development in spatial design by doing research in every projects.